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WooCommerce VS Shopify: Which eCommerce Platform to Go For In 2020?

Ecommerce – big term, isn’t it? Of course, it is when some of the greatest platforms allows you to take your business online. While comparing with previous years, the advent of online retailing has multiplied to several online opportunities, which earlier found to be next to impossible. You can easily make way to expand your business in the world of the internet these days. You could find your startup business listed with some of the top brands on the internet too. Some of the questions like, which eCommerce platform to go for, which domain to choose etc. might strike your mind and they are well answered here.

WooCommerce and Shopify are the two huge platforms to select from while going for eCommerce solution. This might be one of the hardest decisions faced by businesses when it comes to choosing one out of the both innovative eCommerce platforms until you know which one suits your eCommerce store requirements. Let us clear some of the points helping you take the right decision.

How WooCommerce and Shopify Differ?


It is an open source eCommerce solution built using WordPress, which powers up your CMS and enables you to run a successful online store. If you are a fan of WordPress CMS and are aware of it’s every plugin then you should go for WooCommerce. But only this much information is not enough, let us know more about its features and functionalities.


Launched in back 2008 in Canada, Shopify is assisting more than 150K businesses at present. It is a web based eCommerce development solution, which simplifies all the hosting requirements of the modern businesses. This eCommerce solution allows you to build a fully functional online store and manage your products easily.

Even the business owners having less or no technical knowledge can manage their online store proficiently. Along with this, it has its own app store from where you can choose and purchase from the numerous themes given your requirements and keeping the budget in place.

Feature Comparison of Shopify and WooCommerce

Ease of Use

Shopify wins the round when it comes to comparing the level of ease of using both the platforms. It is the proof of why millions of businesses rely on Shopify. Once you start with the platform by registering with this platform, you are guided to complete the setup, manage hosting and customize in accordance to your requirements. Setting up and managing your own eCommerce store was never so easy. Shopify has made it possible. If you are seeking any customization for your online store, you can leverage competent Shopify development services.

Setting up your WooCommerce online store is similar to that of Shopify, what differs is the amount of time taken, which could exceed a bit due to the installation of Woocommerce plugins along with the setup. If you have never tried your hands on this sort of task, you might find it bit difficult too.


Both of these platforms occupies the same position when it comes to offering functionalities to ease online eCommerce business functioning. These platforms allow users to upload product images, adding product details, descriptions etc. WooCommerce might not look appealing as it functions within the WordPress theme. However, this is not the thing with Shopify.


Online buyers appreciate attractive looking eCommerce online stores. Incorporating appealing themes and classic look and feel can change the game completely. Shopify eCommerce platform is packed with 180+ online themes and majority of them are available free. If you wish to install any premium theme, you will need to pay for it. For any customization needed, it can be done without coding.

Unfortunately WooCommerce does not have its own theme store. But if you really want to infuse a theme to your eCommerce online store, you can download it from any their party option like Evanto and Themeforest, which offers attractive and engaging themes. You need to customize it by yourself as no support is offered by such third party theme websites.

Payment Options

If you use an external payment processor to process credit/debit cards in Shopify, you may be charged extra fees for processing. If your business is located in countries other than USA, Canada, UK and Australia, you will have to use a payment gateway or a third party service. The charges of using these payment gateways may vary depending on the countries.

With WooCommerce, you can avail distinct payment gateway extensions. Just pay an annual price of $79 and get access to several payment gateways like Amazon payment, Braintree etc. You can select from the list of payment gateway options available with both the platforms, but depending on your location, its charges will add to your budget.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed in any eCommerce website is very essential. Visitors coming to your online store will not wait for more than 7 sec to load an eCommerce shopping website solution. Reduced loading speed attracts every customer and encourages to shop more. Online shopping website made using Shopify loads quickly as compared to WooCommerce online stores as it depends on the hosting service. While using WordPress site, you need to make sure that your website reaches an uptime of 99.9% or more. In case you are hosting your website from other hosting companies, you can receive guaranteed uptime.

Wrapping Up

Are you clear with your confusion about which one to choose either WooCommerce or Shopify? Go for WooCommerce if you wish to use WordPress CMS, use its plugins, huge theme store, extensive support, and want to optimize your online store making it easily searchable for your customers.

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