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What Features to Look for While Making Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

The pandemic has surely boosted the demand for a safe and genuine video conferencing app with extensive features to keep the businesses going. But rather choosing from the existing apps available, coming up with a tailor-made dedicated video conferencing app could be safe with no loopholes like any information leaks. Organizations expecting an online meeting application catering features of the Zoom video app, its time the mobile application development companies would surely create one with additional functionalities. 

Hiring the best team of backend developers from renowned Mobile Application Development Company lets your business meet the goals during this COVID-19 situation. They will build your app incorporating comprehensive features ensuring business meetings to be seamless with the best audio and video qualities. 

Here is what you should focus on before briefing your requirements to an Application Development Company. 

Number of Features

You should be clear with the idea about what features your business would require while using the video conferencing app. If you wish to make a video conferencing app that works similarly like Zoom video communication, with few other customized options incorporated given the organization’s requirement. 

Ease of Use 

Of course, the zoom like video-conferencing application that you are willing to have should be easy for your employees to use. With no complex features and out of the blue functionalities, all that your video conferencing application need for effective video conferences is the simplicity. Thus, hiring professional and experienced mobile application development companies would be fruitful. 


This is one of the ever essential aspects that need to be focused while developing any application. The UIUX design of a video conferencing application needs to be both impeccable and intuitive at the same time. The employees/end users would spend an ample amount of time with this application, thus offering the best-in-class user experience will let your employees use it with ease. The complex design might drain their energy in searching for the features during its usage.   

Easy Integrations 

The video conferencing app crafted by the professional application developers should allow and simplify the integration of third-party applications like Microsoft office suite or any individual software from the package. Even there should be room to upload documents during the meetings. Several other features like note-taking, recording LIVE meetings, etc. could make the application a hit. Deciding which employee will get what features to access in the zoom like video-conferencing application could also make the application highly usable by the employees. 

So, if are willing to make a video conferencing application like Zoom then above mentioned are the features that you need to focus on and let the mobile application development company do the rest. Moreover, you can also refer to similar video conferencing apps to add some extra services to your app. Although, if you want to make your app similar to that of zoom video conferencing application and want it to perform up to the mark for your employees, reducing their complexities while attending the LIVE meetings, consider hiring a professional team or agency. 

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