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The Future of Python Development

The Future of Python Development and Python Programmer In ML and AI


In the era of developers and engineers, we come across a bunch of programming tools. From web development to mobile app optimization everything relies on the expertise of the developer. The question is what programming tool is the most profitable? And which programming language is most sought after.

JavaScript and Python are leading the market with their robust programming tools. People from across the world are building their knowledge so they can offer Python development services. Huge companies like Uber, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft have vested their resources in Python. This programming language has become the face of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. 

With this blog, we aim to tell you how Python is a good opportunity for developers. Stay tuned to know-hows of the programming language to learn and grow. 

The Future of Python Development

Python programming language allows seamless integration of machine learning, AI, natural language processing, and in-depth learning. Programmers are leaning towards Python due to its robust features that allow them to process fast and efficient coding. 

Python has positioned itself as the new-age programming language. It stems from the basic functions of data analysis to advanced algorithms. 

As we pace into an advanced world, Python will be an essential tool to maximize the outputs with minimized efforts.

Python benefits in the world of ML and AI 


ML and AI are spreading in the veins of industries across the world. The two robust technologies need as efficient and error-free programming as possible. Let us have a look at some elements where ML/AI and Python help the nature of programming.

Easy and Simple Comprehension

Python uses simple English which allows the developers to access and change the codes easily. It also improves the coding efficiency and allows the developers to conduct a smooth programming experience. 

Strives on Flexibility

The applications and programs that stem from Artificial Intelligence need flexible operations. The developers with the use of Python can adapt to the AI programs and make changes as and when required. Machine learning is quite comprehensive but becomes hassle-free with script-based programming of python. 

Visual features

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are the tools of the 21st century accommodating a lot of data. Python software uses data-heavy aspects known to feature data visuals and present all variables in a defined pattern. 

Skills of an Expert Python developer 

The future of every developer is based on its efficiency to adapt to new trends. Some Python developer skills that can upscale the growth programmers are;

  1. Knowing the basics of python;

Every python developer understands the basic concepts of Python programming. They are invested in terms and concepts like Iterators, exceptional handling, file handling, OOPs concepts, Data structures, Generators, and more. 

  1. Using the Web framework

A Python developer is well versed with the web frameworks such as Flask and Dingo. These frameworks are widely used across the market to develop advanced, functional, and micro web frameworks. On top of that, if as a developer you have extensive knowledge about CSS, HTML, and Java programming, understanding Python becomes quite easy. 

  1. ORM (Object Relational Mappers)

The Python developers also work their way around object-oriented language that transfers the data between two systems. This output helps the developers leverage data into another system easily without losing them in the transfer process. Thus the python developers not only develop codes but also ensure their safety. 

  1. The concept of Data Science

Data science has a wide scope of programming language, so the Python developers’ skills are also invested in different python packages, data cleansing, data wrangling, analysis of the data, SQL, statistics, and visualization. The packages that are widely used across by Python developers are; Scikit, NumPy, and MatPlotlib.

  1. ML and AI 

The expert Python developers have a keen work profile when it comes to developing machine learning apps. The scope of growth in Artificial Intelligence is high and hence today big Python development companies are leveraging the skills of their developers in data visualization, neural networks, and data analysis.

In other words, these are the basic requirements of the industry to hire Python developers. 

Python and its abundance of resources 

Python programming is more than a relevant language, it is a resource that allows the developers to try their hands on various other tools. Python is a community of frameworks and libraries. These are some of the ways python programming keeps updating based on the new emerging technologies. 

The Python experts leverage these libraries to gain relevant information in the field of AI. Some of the libraries of Python used to enhance AI are:

  • NumPy: Allows scientific computing and has multi-dimensional array objects. Developers use this package to reduce complex coding procedures. 
  • SciPy: It works best for resolving heavy mathematical programming and is known for its user-friendly coding. 
  • Scikit learn: This library stems out of NumPy and SciPy. This is an effective option for programmers who are looking to integrate machine learning with Artificial intelligence projects. 
  • Pandas: This library enables the developers to manipulate and analyze the data. It uses data visualization and exploration techniques to develop and analyze high-level data structures. 
  • Matplotlib: The library is a power pack combination of all other libraries which offer the developers,  data visualization in the form of charts, scatterplots, etc. 

Where would you see a Python developer working? 

Almost every business is leveraging the services of a Python developer. In this stage of growth, a lot of opportunities have opened up for the programmers. Some of the areas where the future of Python developers is bright are:

  • As a Web Developer
  • As a Python Developer
  • As a Data Analyst
  • As a Data Scientist
  • As a Machine learning Engineer

These job roles will vary from industry to industry. The scope of work might change but the basics of Python language shall be applied everywhere. Companies like Google, NASA, Industrial Light and Magic, Volkswagen, JP Morgan implement AI services that use Python programming language.

A Few Tips From Python Experts

The experts in the field of Python development know that it is not just about being great at coding. But an efficient Python developer needs to be good at understanding the needs and implementing a solution.

Further, the experts also suggest that the real skill lies in the application of knowledge. Thus as Python developers take pride in your completed projects instead of talking about coding skills. Some of these experts’ advice given below will help every developer begin a career in Python programming.

Understand the user’s needs

To begin coding efficiently one must be aware of what the users of the app or website are expecting. Python programming can be really easy but only if the right state of mindset is applied. Thus, the developer should design keeping themselves in the place of the user. 

Learn other programming languages

Python is the go-to programming language, however, the industry used a mix of JavasScript and C++. As a developer, being good with complex languages will help you understand the simplicity of Python. 

Use Python Dictionary 

Dictionary structure is a method to store data in Python. It allows the developers to combine a set of codes embedded with similar output. To use the dictionary structure, just use the unordered set “key: value”. In the given case the requirement in each key will be different.

Use Generator Comprehensions

In the coding language, the use of parentheses is advised over the use of square brackets. This technique enables the developer to generate a list. It is helpful in case one wants to avoid the unnecessary creation of a long list. 

Learn and apply Python libraries

We spoke about a few Python libraries in our previous section. The expert Python developers suggest learning libraries like NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, and others. These libraries help in writing the code when performing a specialized task. Integrating these libraries will save the developer from writing their own codes. 

Avoid using classes

Jack Diederich says in one of his public conferences that overusing classes is a bad move. The usage of class makes the codes look ugly. They might also not seem to be a good read for eyes a few days or months later. 


In this blog, we discussed in detail how the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence is promoting the Python programming language. We saw a list of skills required by a developer and also the libraries that made the use of Python language easier. 

Python developers have a huge scope of career development. Every industry has realized the importance of ML and AI, thus the demand for Python is only meant to go up. Companies are integrating custom software development which requires the developers to have expertise in their domain. The Python libraries we mentioned earlier will assist in creating custom apps and websites. 

With all features accommodated in one place, Python is known as the language of the future. The developers building on C++ and Java are also shifting to Python. With the help of online courses, developers can make their way into the Python programming language. 


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