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The 5-Step Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

In the world of technology, where smartphone users are increasing every moment, optimizing the App store is one such activity that the mobile app developers are concerned about. As there are nearly around 4 million applications available for iPhone and Android users, ASO or App Store Optimization becomes essential. Even to generate mobile downloads and get the users to engage with the app store, the first thing that needs to be done is optimization.

  1. Use Perfect Keywords 

Adding the right keywords to the app store content can work wonders. The right audience with the right keywords is imperative for your mobile app to get discovered. Potential users will be searching for the right app with relative keywords and of course, you would definitely like to grab the ball. Simply add the keywords that define your application perfectly and you are done. Professional mobile app development companies like Eleganz IT solutions possess a team of experienced writers that are well versed with the technical jargons and yet presenting the app store content becomes impeccably right.

  1. Perfect Images on the Go

Visual content is equally essential. A study says ‘intuitive visuals can get you to a top position in the marketplace’. App icons, app videos, screenshots, etc. hold an immense position when it comes to the visual presentation of any mobile application into the app store. A user visiting the app store gets lured with the aesthetics of the screenshots or icons and hence they end up downloading apps with some of the great visual contents. Phone owners check out the screenshots before making up their minds to download the application. If they seem to be attractive, half of your task is done!

  1. Eye on the Competitors 

Keeping an eye over what your competitors are up to is another trait to know where to head in ASO. Understand them and their business strategy to achieve success. Choosing a category can be tricky, but focusing on the right factors could make the task easy. Find the number of competitors, their update frequency, and the number of downloads. Once your app is in the app store, it requires continuous monitoring and tracks the performance. This tracking will also let you know about what change could be made to uplift the graph.

  1. Get the Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that bring the visitors straight to your application in the app store. Thus, they need to be actively placed on the relevant websites to get an accurate audience for your app. This, being the part of off-page SEO tactics, it is highly popular and effective too. Backlinks can be in various forms like images, text, videos, etc. The more the placement of the backlinks to your app in the app store, the higher the number of downloads of the application.

  1. Dedicated Website

A dedicated website as a digital marketing service can drive traffic to your app store page. The relevant content about the application and an eye-catchy display of the app could make the visitors curious about the application and they would tend to download it, right away! Sharing updates about the mobile app and launching its versions on a dedicated landing page of a website makes the app highly appreciable.

ASO cannot be mastered in a night just as ROME wasn’t built in a day. Spending time with it will make you aware of the approaches that could work wonders. Or just hire an app development company and leave the rest on them!

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