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The 1 UX Mistake We all Often Make

UX is the experience that a user gets on visiting. It is not that the design needs to be over attractive, but it is about the usability that matters the most. Getting the right design offering great user experience is what you need to go for while building a user centric mobile app or website.

All the designers need to follow the UX flow to get the things right. Ignoring few details might mean we are ignoring some important criteria. It is difficult to fill the gaps that we are not aware of. That is where the mistake lies. What are we missing, may be the right idea or the UX optimization for the right users.

The Perfect Personas

For a designer to be successful, they need to understand the user persona and hit on the right point. They focus on the users and their wants. There may be nothing else to focus other than the users. You can find out what they want by the target audience, user persona, feedback, surveys and more. They can create significant user persona through below:

  • Customer Experiences
  • Feedbacks
  • User Testing
  • Data Mining

Surveys can help the designers to get the most out of it. They solve all the queries of the designers and help them know the scenario. They use analysis tools to know what is unknown to them. UX data is what helps a brand to decide their product type and age group to focus. Sometimes the data shows a different story. At such times, you need to decide what to do from the previous experiences. Thus, every user appreciates great UX.

Optimizing the UX

Optimization of UX is the final step before an app or a website is offered to the users. The designers who focus on the wrong users may end up offering the app or the website to the users who do not want them. It can prove to be a fatal! As focusing users involves time and other resources, but focusing wrong users involves waste of time and resources.

Goals to Achieve for Better UX

  • Identify user’s Core Tasks

    Designers should identify the core tasks while implying the best ever user experience. It is important to know the user’s tasks and decide the flow of the app or a website.

  • Enhance the Navigational Experience

    Navigation has to function seamlessly when it comes to great user experience. Go for simple navigation to offer a great user experience to the users using your application or visiting your website.

  • Improve Usability

    Keep a watch on the statistical data. It is valuable to make the improvements in the usability of the experience any user avails.

    Thus, the one UX mistake we all often make is avoiding the understanding of the persona and we think it is some other elements that stop our success. Let us make the “understanding the user persona” first chapter of your mobile app/website UX success story.

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