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Strategy to a Successful Android App Uploading

2015 is the year when Google announced its shift to the mobile first website from the web. Putting some light on the current scenario, it is seen that people do not prefer to leave their couch for searching anything, which is the only option today. Not to a surprise but they resemble as search experts.

Mobile applications are the trending today. It is one of the best options to stay updated with the information. A majority of the developers are aware of how to make their mobile apps available for people, but this post is for all those who sometimes find difficult to upload their own feature-rich mobile app they built.

Wish to try your hand on uploading the app in the right way which will get you a definite success? Here are the key points to follow and save your app getting pushed into the app graveyard. Let us turn your vision into an app uploading mission!

Things that can Block your Success

  • Lower Download FiguresAnything less than the estimated figures for download is all in vain.
  • Negative feedbacksAny negative feedback on your app will surely bring down your credits and of course we cannot let that happen.
  • Unsatisfied usersThese are the users who will simply uninstall the app after using it only once. We should simply avoid such users.

    Several Mobile App Development companies tend to miss out any single step and you’ll miss the opportunity to get the potential users.

Steps to Follow Carefully

  • Step 1: The Decent DraftIt is landing page that attracts users at the first sight if crafted smartly. Rather uploading the app directly, why not make your users a bit curious about what is going to be on their plate. Pre-launch marketing with a strategy always works. Let them know the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your app. You can use the elements like images, videos, podcast, blogs and more. Share it wherever you think you target audience resides. Let you app get a value before it hits the Android app store and become No 1 Android app of 2017 ( Do not forget to place an attractive and visible CTA next to any element you use.
  • Step 2: The Compelling ContentExplanation holds equal importance as the screenshots. Thus, there is no doubt that a compelling content will leave an impression. Write a content that makes your customers takes no longer to download your app and use it. Do not forget to target the trending keywords for SEO. Know your target audience and their requirements to hit the right square. Build a tagline containing the purpose of your app and make it the driving factor for content. For eg. Buy it or sell it for any ecommerce website. When you hear about KFC its tagline “The finger lickin good” automatically comes into our mind. This is the power of compelling content. Content is the crowning layer of creativity assistance of your app.
  • Step 3: The Balanced Landing PageMajority of the Mobile app development companies are doing it in the wrong way, they do not consider building landing pages of the app necessary. It is the beauty of your app then why not uplift this beauty? Let us share what tools to use for creating landing pages that can drive more traffic to your app. Google analytics will offer the highest benefit followed by tools like Unbounce, Leadpages, Squarespace or any CMS where you can share the information about the app updates is preferable. Waste no time in making your landing page viral once you are done with tools. Spread the word as much as you desired. Your outstanding mobile application can beat several trending apps overnight if it is done correctly.

    Once you are done, it’s time to put your best foot ahead and sit back and rest assured.

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