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Seo & Digital Marketing

Seo & Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization for Better Brand Visibility

Searching online for any business has become a part of daily essentials. A study says more than 80% of the people using the internet have searched for any businesses online. If your online business couldn’t be searched, organic traffic will not be coming to your business website. With the ever-changing Google algorithms, your website needs to undergo search engine optimization for better ranking and adequate search visibility.

At Elegaz IT solutions, we offer professional SEO services for ages. We truly understand what it requires to get your business visible in the search engines. Thus, we ensure you get remarkable search ranking and your website would receive fair organic traffic with our integrated strategies and years of experience.


Our Digital Marketing Services to Leverage


Your website can receive more traffic with the right SEO practices. This increased visibility could get you more leads and this might even result in the increase of customers.

Digital Marketing Services

With our advanced digital marketing services, our team of marketing professionals could help your business with an impeccable marketing plan with some of the cutting edge marketing strategies. You can select from the wide range of digital marketing services we offer to give your business requirements.


PPC or ‘Pay Per Click’ is the digital marketing tactic often used to find the target audience with the ideal search phrases. With PPC your business can be seen visible on top of the search results in the Google search.


Only the right branding strategies could help you convert your visitors into the customers. Just getting more traffic to your website is not enough. Our professional marketers hold tons of experience in engaging in branding strategies. Rely on us and review the change.

Email Marketing

It is the one such trait to stay connected with your readers and send them updates about your business through email newsletters. Our expert designers would help your business with intuitive email campaigns that your readers would love.

Content Marketing

Our team of experts would create, publish, and market your content to generate more traffic towards your websites and online store. We could even track user behaviour and build the content marketing plan accordingly.

Website Development

What they’re saying

The salon chain's userbase has grown by 35% since launching its website and mobile app. While Eleganz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is still working on adding new app and site features, the team has already received highly positive feedback from the client, who also noted their engagement and commitment.

Christina J. Tech Head - Be U Salons

What they’re saying

We hired React Native Developer for one of our complex mobile application. Project was executed on time and compiled to quality expectations I recommend hiring Eleganz IT Solutions for mobile application.

Syed Saifullah Shah CEO & Founder - Glamus

What they’re saying

Eleganz is a trusted global software development company. I have excellent experience working with team. They follow software development method (SDM). Referred to by a numberof terms, including process models, development guidelines and system development life cycle models (SDLC).


Faizan Ahmed Project Manager - Zahid Tractor

What they’re saying

The deliverables from Eleganz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have benefitted the client, helping them lower bounce rates, improve conversions, and increase session times. The team worked well when incorporating feedback and communicated when timelines needed to be pushed.

Elena Tech Lead - AVL


SEO Benefits To Grab

Increased Traffic

With the right SEO practices, visibility will increase which results in increased traffic to your website.

Increased Leads

When the visibility increased, you can target the organic audience, who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Increased ROI

When the leads increases, the return on investment also rises as turning leads into loyal customers.

Increased Brand Awareness

When he traffic to your website increases, it would get the focus that is required and ultimately your brand will get popularised with the increased awareness.

Increased Trust

When your business website gets a position in the top search results, visitors will trust the brand and are likely to visit your website without a second thought.

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