Proathlix is a premium quality health care product which aids to buildand maintain your inner athlete. This helps in ensuring your fitness to optimum level and keep the sportsman in you alive. Irrespective of your age, gender and body type, this product works well to boost your strength. The objective of Proathlix is to help people realize their potential regardless of their age and to change the standards of fitness from labour to enjoyment. This sports nutrition assists people love every second of their physical activity without getting exhausted.




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The Requirement

Along with high quality product, the right approach to the market is mandatory for the success of any business. Proathlix wanted to make amagnificent online platform to give people from all over the world access to theirproduct. Running an online business comes with its own challenges and to ensure the quality and services it is better to have experts in your work.

The Solution

Proathlix has partnered with Eleganz IT to design an outstanding online platform which is not only user friendly but also quick responsive. This website is detailed enough to well inform even a new-bee. With all the technicalities taken care by the team of Eleganz IT, Proathlix is able to focus completely on their product quality and services.

The Results

With a perfectly developed and maintained website, Proathlix is now reaching more people making more and more muscles stronger. Their network is widening with a big number of satisfied customers. This collaboration with Eleganz IT has turned out to be a complete success for them.

  • Simple and easy-to-use solution for managing, monitoring, and renting storage units.
  • Achieved 2600+ transactions in 30 days.
  • Acquired more than 20,000 downloads across 300 storage facilities in two months’ time.
  • $3.5 million revenue generation.
  • Procurement of four new business partnerships.