As a global player in the telecoms industry, Vodafone’s reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. To that end, the Marketing Academy in Vodafone was seeking a relevant, in-depth and effective professional education course to sharpen the digital skills of their workforce.


A leading vendor of the self-storage industry, providing secure, easy, and efficient self-storage access control systems to asset owners and operators for renting storage units with 95% occupancy across the entire US.


Mobile Application Development, Digital Transformation, Web Application Development, Application Integration, Data Analytics


Swift, Android Studio, Twilio, App Analytics, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, Node JS, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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The Requirement

As Head of Global and Commercial Learning and Development at Vodafone, Mohsin Ghafoor’s task was to raise standards in digital marketing, across the group.

“Our aim was that every marketer at Vodafone reaches what we would describe as a minimum acceptable standard of digital marketing skills, knowledge, and capability, and be able to apply that to their day job and have an impact on our customers.”

But not only does Vodafone have a very large workforce, it is also spread all over the world. Natasha Brookes is a Learning and Development Specialist at Vodafone. For her, it was clear that a digital marketing course needed an online solution.

“Vodafone is a large global organization. In order to reach all of the marketers within the different markets, what better way to do it than having one place where marketers can come and learn? And it will be a consistent learning approach.”

The Solution

Blue Whale Apps partnered with the client to build the universal self-storage management application from ground-up and transform the storage management operations. With tremendous development efforts, lots of custom workflows in place, we created the applications that can work for any storage facility regardless of what gate software the storage facility is using.

  • Development of the web solution using Ruby on Rails with features like bill payment, push notification, unit renting, unmanned facility management, etc.
  • Design and development of native Android and iOS apps integrated with 8+ Gate software.
  • Enterprise back-end development with a disaster recovery system.
  • User identification functionality development with dual face authentication, fingerprint scanning, and digital signature.
  • Geo-fencing functionality development for all storage facilities.
  • Integration with Sailor keypad and Bluetooth padlocks.
  • Stripe payment integration for bill payments of rental units.

The Results

The iOS app development and Android app development teams along with the design team developed an easy-to-use solution for managing the storage units, digitizing the entire operations of the self-storage industry in the US. The team’s functional and technical expertise along with diligent work made this complex project a success.

  • Simple and easy-to-use solution for managing, monitoring, and renting storage units.
  • Achieved 2600+ transactions in 30 days.
  • Acquired more than 20,000 downloads across 300 storage facilities in two months’ time.
  • $3.5 million revenue generation.
  • Procurement of four new business partnerships.