E-farming is a platform that works as a link between farmers and customers to promote small and medium scale farming like kitchen garden, roof farming etc. This works as an interface between farmers and customers to promote organic farming as per customer’s choice without physically going to farm. This mobile application is aimed to encourage agricultural environment and healthy food culture.


E-Farming : Farmer-Customer interface


Mobile Application Development, Digital Transformation, Application Integration, Data Analytics


IOS (Swift), Android (Java), Twilio, App Analytics, PHP, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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The Requirement

With the idea of making the process of organic farming more accessible to people, E-Farming wanted to give it a simpler approach. An idea where any potential person could reach easily to the farmer having resources and rent the farm and grow their own vegetable without owning their own farm. To make this idea a reality, E-Farming has done a lot of research and made it accessible in the form of a mobile application, e-Farming.

The Solution

E-farming has collaborated with Eleganz IT to deal with all the technical affairs that comes in the way of maintaining an app. With our excellent team of dedicated members, we have made all the processes run trouble free for e-Farming. Instead of searching every small thing on Google, this app is providing solutions to farmers so many problems.

The Results

Now, e-Farming is not only working smoothly but also blooming dayby day. It has made the process of landing and maintaining a farm hassle free. Now more farmers are becoming a part of e-Farming. It has helped youth to take interest in organic farming. In today’s age where everyone is occupied with so many things around, apps like e-Farming that save our time and energy deserve to succeed.