This website offers people to find a match for their dog considering the interests of the dogs. You can look for playmates or a breeding partner for your dog. Focusing on just dating for the dogs, this website does not reveal your identity. The profile will reflect information about your dog only. This website also allows you to sell and adopt a dog. Instead of going to different pet stores you can haveeverything on screen of your computer.


Guy Nesher – Doggy Dating Agency


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The Requirement

Being a dog lover the Guy Nesher knew all the hassle it takes to find a date for your dog. For all those people who have a dog as a family member, Guy Nesher always wanted to make a platform that saves all the trouble in finding a mate for your dog. A place where all dog owners could find solution to all the issues regarding dating and breeding of their dog.

The Solution

The Doggy Dating Agency has partnered with Eleganz IT to make their idea accessible to everyone. For their website development and maintenance our team has worked efficiently. With a lot of research and creativeideas the website has been designed and now it is providing its services to everyone.

The Results

With their idea and Eleganz IT’s team who is dedicated to make this process easy for everyone, they are able to grow their network with thousands of happy customers. With all the technical troubles taken care by our team, Doggy Dating Agency is offering their services without any difficulty and has become a success.