Affinity Linens is an easy solution for all the bath and bedding utilities. From bed-sheets and towels to rugs and furniture they have everything you will need. With products made of finest quality fibre, Affinity Linens is growing as one the best ecommerce platform for bath and bedding essentials. The pattern of bedding and furniture range is made by craftsman having years of experience. The unique design and quality of products makes Affinity Linens stand out amongst all the competitors in the market.


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The Requirement

Affinity Linens is known for its uniquely designed high quality products. In spite of having best products there a lot of other things that need to be taken care of if one wants to grow and sustain in the market. For any online business there are certain technical aspects which are hard to handle along with the designing and manufacturing of the products themselves.

The Solution

Affinity Linens has collaborated with Eleganz IT so that it can focus completely on its products while rest of other technical affairs are handled by the team members of Eleganz IT. For website development and maintenance to marketing Affinity Linens rely on our team which allows them a hassle free running of all the work.

The Results

With a powerful online presence and a smooth running website, Affinity Linens is now making its network bigger with thousands of satisfied customers. Its products and services are reaching more people, giving elegance to more and more homes. Eleganz IT and Affinity Linens are working together to give customers excellent online experience.