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Doggy Dating Agency

About the Client:

Place to find a mate for your dog and more

This website offers people to find a match for their dog considering the interests of the dogs. You can look for playmates or a breeding partner for your dog. Focusing on just dating for the dogs, this website does not reveal your identity. The profile will reflect information about your dog only. This website also allows you to sell and adopt a dog. Instead of going to different pet stores you can have everything on screen of your computer.

Featured highlights:

  • Doggy dating
  • Doggy breeding
  • Playmates for your dogs
  • Adopt a dogs
  • Memorializing your dog
  • Shop for dog stuff

The Goal:

The client wanted us to develop a dating website and add all the features that popular dating platforms offer with some extra features. His goal was to provide a cost-effective and fun-loving website that can provide an intuitive and an exhilarating user experience.

Here are a few things Doggy Dating Agency wanted to achieve through this project:

  •  Easy User signup/sign in option
  •  Swiping through profiles
  •  SEO friendly Website design
  •  Seamless navigation


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