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OnePlus 5 is the best ever Smart phone. Uncover the Reasons!

The recently launched smart phone from the OnePlus series is said to the best ever smart phone by the source. “Never Settle” the signature phrase of the brand itself suggest that why to settle when you have got so many features to use and leverage its extensive functionalities. If you have made your mind to invest in the smart phone, simply go for it. For the rest who are still unaware of its capabilities, here is the article to know everything you should know about the smart phone. Like the earlier OnePlus phones, there are some features kept common that are provided by the company. It is also packed with a shelf feature which can be easily accessed by swiping from the home. You can get connected with your favorite people or the apps you love (recent contacts, message recipients and apps you accessed recently) with this feature. You can remove anything you wish from this list.

Thus, mobile app development companies are set to offer the widest range of feature rich mobile apps offering amazing user experience.

OnePlus 5 Features for Extensive User Experience

Meet some of the greatest features infused into the newest and ever stylish smart phone i.e. none other than OnePlus 5

  • The Shortcut MenuWhen you press and hold your finger on the recently accessed app, when you are inside the app, you can drag a handy shortcut menu which offers quick access settings to save time. For instance, in any browser, you can quickly open a new tab, favorite any page you like and easily bookmark it for future use.

    If you wish to disable this feature, go to home -> long press that recent apps button -> tap settings -> app shortcuts -> turn it off.

  • The Navigation ButtonsOne of the very surprising and somewhat hidden feature infused into OnePlus 5 is it consists of 2 touch buttons under the screen, out of which the left one is the back button and the right one is to access the list of recent apps. If you don’t want this arrangement, you can customize it (swap of interchange the shortcuts) from the settings menu.
  • The Notification TabThough it has a 5.5-inch display screen, it isn’t that bulky to be managed, but it is a tricky phone to be used with one hand. OnePlus always adds a feature that allows you to pull down the notification tab by swiping at your home screen at any point. Press and hold the recent apps button to the right of OnePlus 5’s fingerprint sensor to enable or disable this feature. Tap to ‘settings’ -> ‘swipe down’ -> activate/deactivate it.

    Go and grab your OnePlus 5 (if you are planning to have one) and start off leveraging the most exciting features with its OxygenOS using these tricks.

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