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Build your Multilingual eCommerce Store

Increase Sales with a Multilingual eCommerce Store


Today, 52% of websites are in English. But did you know, English reaches only 25% of global internet users? As surprising as it may sound, nearly 73% of users prefer to purchase from a site that provides information in their language; and that’s not always English. Thus, if you’re seeking to maximize your reach, having a multilingual store is very important.

Throughout this blog, we will understand what a multilingual eCommerce store is, why you must create one, and how to get started. If that sounds exciting, let’s get going!

What is a Multilingual Store?

Put simply, a multilingual store can dynamically switch languages based on the user’s location. For instance, if a user tries to access the website from France, the store will display all the information in French (their national language). With multilingual stores, you can easily attract, engage, and convert international users into your customers.

Top 3 Benefits of Creating a Multilingual Store

If you already have an eCommerce website with WordPress, here are the top 3 reasons you should convert it into a multilingual store.

Multi-cultural User Experience

With a multilingual store, you can deliver personalized shopping experiences by keeping up with their native festivals and cultural celebrations. For instance, the USA celebrates Independence Day on 4th July, however, for India, it is 15th August. You can tailor your marketing campaigns by keeping in mind these local events. Doing so will not only boost engagement but contribute significantly to your conversions.

Better Reach

Search engines are likely to rank a multilingual store higher than the one that only has one language. Your store will rank in several regions simultaneously. This means more traffic, farther reach, and better search engine rankings. You may also consider optimizing your website for each language to rank even higher in local search results.

Dominate Your Competition

Multilingual stores and sites are perceived as global businesses and can quickly earn your prospect’s trust. It will also make you stand out from your competitors who don’t have a multilingual store yet. Last but not the least, in some regions, having a website in their native language is mandatory. And if you don’t have one, they may not even consider visiting your store.

How to Transform your Existing WooCommerce Store into a Multilingual Store?

Converting an existing WooCommerce store into a multilingual website is super-easy. Thanks to the thriving developers community that WordPress is blessed with. There are dozens of multilingual plugins that can help you translate your WooCommerce store into multiple languages.

To get started, download and install a translation plugin (like WPML, TranslatePress, GTranslate). Once installed, configure the translation settings as needed and you will be good to go! These plugins will help you:

  • Translate your site’s content into native language based on the user’s location
  • Optimize your site to better rank on search engine results pages
  • Set SEO meta information for translations
  • Redirect users to local websites/custom links based on their browser settings or IP address
  • Increase traffic and AdSense revenue

While configuring these plugins is easy, if you still need professional help – let us know. Our team of expert WordPress developers will be happy to help you set up your entire store into multiple languages based on your preferences.

Final Words

Creating a multilingual store has great potential. It will boost your engagement and help you acquire more users than you normally would. WordPress translation plugins like WPML, and TranslatePress make the transition quick, easy, and simple. Thus, you must consider switching to a multilingual website the sooner you can.

If you are seeking to develop a store from the ground up, you may consider taking help of a WordPress web design and development agency or a WordPress developer. Being a leading web development company, we have a team of highly skilled WordPress programmers who can turn around even the most complex projects.

Share your requirements with us, and let our trained professionals help.

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