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Custom IT services for your business

We are providing custom software development services on diverse technology platforms. We specializes in solving complex business challenges using thought process and information technology and so far we have successfully completed 500+ projects with 100+ SMEs to our clientele across the industries and globe with offices in Canada and India.
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Stop worrying about IT problems

Are you concerned that your business is being stifled by your obsolete technology? Are you feeling like your growth and productivity has been stagnant? 

Focus on your business

Let Eleganz IT help you with a solution to address what ails your business technology can get you back your competitive advantage and help you grow your business again.

We take care of your technology

Perhaps it’s time to call in the pros. We’ll whip your IT into shape and set you up with regularly schedule onsite support visits – and we won’t charge any hidden fees to do it. Schedule a FREE consultation today.

Why choose us?

At Eleganz IT Solutions, we leverage IT security and automation to help you:

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Protect your business

Reduce risk by preventing (or recovering from) security breaches.[/iconlist_item][iconlist_item type=”image” icon_image=”1940″]

Optimize IT systems

Improve efficiencies, drive cost out of processes.[/iconlist_item][iconlist_item type=”image” icon_image=”1941″]

Empower your employees

Allow your employees to do more and go further.[/iconlist_item][/iconlist]

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Technology and Partners

Helping businesses around the world

Our state-of-the-art portfolio solidifies the fact that we are one of the leading service providers offering huge range of services like building websites, mobile applications, e-commerce store and more. Our team of proficient and experienced professionals is highly skillful and uses their out-of-the-box vision in the solution development process for notable business success.
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[elements_carousel items=”2″ autoplay=”no” controls=”rewind-navigation,pagination” autoplay_speed=”5000″ slide_speed=”200″ pagination_speed=”200″ rewind_speed=”200″ tablet_items=”2″ mobile_items=”1″ class=”gap-100″][testimonial name=”Guy Nesher” image=”2338″ subtitle=”C.E.O” class=”style2″ link=””]Eleganz IT Solutions is a proven and trusted software development and testing provider. Eleganz IT deliver project on time with excellent communication to their customers. I strongly recommend their expertise in managed teams and build-to-order software applications.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Zahid Tractor” image=”2338″ subtitle=”C.E.O” class=”style2″]Eleganz is a trusted global software development company. I have excellent experience working with team. They follow software development method (SDM). Referred to by a numberof terms, including process models, development guidelines and system development life cycle models (SDLC).[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Syed Saifullah Shah” image=”2341″ subtitle=”C.E.O” class=”style2″]We hired ReactNative Developer for one of our complex mobile application. Project was exevuted on time and compiled to quality expectations I recommend hiring Eleganz IT Solutions for my mobile application.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Rogers (SOS Israel)” image=”2338″ subtitle=”C.E.O” class=”style2″]Eleganz IT Solutions has completed some successful projects for us of the last 6 months. To outsource project to overseas companies has been a big step for. With a trustworthy partner like Eleganz IT Solutions where milestones are met and quality work is delivered we can recommend to go down that road.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Rich Diamonds” image=”2338″ subtitle=”C.E.O” class=”style2″]I have been truly blessed to introduce Eleganz IT Solutions for your IT Solutions. They got experience and certified developer with strong technical understanding.[/testimonial][/elements_carousel]
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