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Freedom Awaited even after 70 Years of Independence

We are proud to be an Indian, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t we? We belong to the land of sacrifices, where several martyrs struggled for the freedom we are leveraging today. We breadth free, we are happy and satisfied today. We can rarely think of the scenario if the freedom fighters did not take the step and made our country British-free.

However, below are some problems that need a solution.

Freedom from Pollution

This is something that everyone talks about but no one wants to do anything about it. We blame the system for everything excess. Aren’t we supposed to do anything for it? We can save fuel by putting off the vehicles at signals, composite the water outlets, use dustbin for wastes etc. We believe that if you want to change, be the change.

Freedom from Gender Inequality

The second biggest issue discussed every next day into media. We love our freedom then why cannot we share it with the females? Is it the insecurity faced by every man? What is actually a male-dominant country? We definitely have forgotten its meaning and it can be seen from our behavior. Equality does not only mean equal rights, it actually means ‘equal thoughts’.

Freedom from Illiteracy

We too wish to prosper like other developed countries. Education is the only thing that can make our dream come true. Out of the total Indian population, there are still around 24% of the population are left uneducated. Isn’t this a huge number? We really need to enhance our standard of living with better education and employment. After 70 years of Freedom, are we waiting for another war to happen that raises a cause for education? This is a serious issue. Let us get together and make our country illiteracy-free.

Freedom from Unequal Thinking

‘This’ cannot be done and ‘this’ can be done are the two levels of acceptance. Why do we need to judge every person? Be him/her connected to us or not, we make a judgmental and disturbing statement without even thinking that a person has a right to live their way. Open mind-ness is expected to make a county free from narrow thoughts and shallow thinking. We tend to acquire dressing and food culture from other countries; shouldn’t we try with the thoughts too?

No country is perfect, but we can take little steps towards success.

Happy 71st Independence Day

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