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Neumorphism Design

Everything about Neumorphism you should be Knowing

Neumorphism design has undoubtedly become a new trendy UX style. In the UI/UX design, this new design style does not focus on the contrast or design appearance, rather the color palette used. You won’t be wrong if you got that this new trending UI design style is all about offering a splendid and unique user experience with just the color of the screen.

Be it any sort of mobile application, a music player, an ebook reader, or a chat messenger, adding layers and creating depth with just the colors could make the app UI truly commendable. Neumorphism UI design lets a designer create a soft interface without the use of the UI elements into the mobile app background. Does it sound impractical? Well, if Neumorphism design work wouldn’t have been introduced, the answer would have been probably ‘yes’.

It’s not that there are UI elements used in this new design style, there are elements like buttons or cards are placed inside the background and can be seen only when they peep from inside. Shadowing and low contrast can be used to highlight these elements.

How Exactly is the Neumorphism Design?

The all-new neumorphism UI design is about solid colors and contrasts. You may be thinking that how can colors be used to infuse a wow-factor into the background design? Just shadowing and light of the same color can create an amazing UI design. It is true that only the colors used can create a protruding look that no flashy elements can create. The UI elements used and the UI background needs to be of the same color. Hence, the look and feel of the UI design is created such as if the elements are popping out from the background. Another look where the elements appear to be sinking into the background could be created into this new UI design style.

The Neumorphism Design Journey Till Date

Just as any new trend, this UI design trend also has two sides, ‘the dark’ and ‘the bright’. 

On one side the freshness of the design is being appreciated as the excitement for something new speaks for itself. But ‘no examples are set so easily’ is also true. Similarly, there are designers who didn’t really welcome the new trend in the beginning as they believe only colors couldn’t appeal for long. With the moving time, it has been proved that even a soft interface for mobile applications could engage smartphone users. Surprisingly, the new-age UI designers tend to try every newly introduced style, and thus, they come with its pros and cons, concluding that the newly introduced style could be the next new trend or not. 

Neumorphism UX style was also been tried and tested by the top designers and has come up with their 2 cents, ‘Neumorphism is the new design trend of 2020’. From great visuals to usability to infusing unique look and feel, it offers everything that makes any mobile app and website UI extremely fresh and different. 

Try your hands on this newest design style and bring out the creativity within you. The soft and eye-catchy UI elements and the monotone background will say everything for itself!

Consult the design experts and hire graphic designers to get the unique UI design that would be hard to avoid! 

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