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Introduction In the era of developers and engineers, we come across a bunch of programming tools. From web development to mobile app optimization everything relies on the expertise of the developer. The question is what programming tool is the most profitable? And which programming language is most sought after. JavaScript and Python are leading the

Introduction WordPress 5.7 was 2021’s biggest release so far. It packs in some of the most amazing features released so far. Not only will you see significant performance improvements but also some really cool stuff that wasn’t possible with older versions. In this blog, we will look through top 5 improvements/features that make 2021’s WordPress

Introduction Today, 52% of websites are in English. But did you know, English reaches only 25% of global internet users? As surprising as it may sound, nearly 73% of users prefer to purchase from a site that provides information in their language; and that’s not always English. Thus, if you’re seeking to maximize your