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Most Used PHP Frameworks in 2020

PHP is the ever popular and efficient scripting language and has proved to be a boon for developers to overcome the challenges. It not only makes the development process easy and efficient but also reduces the development cost and time. Thus, this scripting language is gaining much of the popularity among the modern developers.

In the era of complex and challenging project requirement, where the development from scratch is not a good idea, PHP frameworks appear to ease the development process. To boost the web application development process top PHP frameworks are used widely as they are easy to use and quick to implement.

Check out the top 5 PHP frameworks used extensively in 2020

Here is the ranking of the top 5 PHP frameworks.

  • Laravel
  • Phalcon
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii


Built in 2011, this PHP framework has already impressed several developers with its outstanding features and seamless functionalities. It has changed the ecosystem, which has made developers to make the most use of it.

Laravel documentation is flawlessly perfect when it comes to thorough understanding of the framework. This framework offers numerous in-built functions, which simplifies the development process making it quick and accessible. Laravel is considered as the best PHP framework for eCommerce website development solution to let the online business owners serve their customers better.

This feature packed PHP framework is packed with a template engine named “Blade” that allows performing common tasks like authentication, queue analysis, RESTful routing etc. in no time.

Checkout its explainer videos of Laravel PHP framework and know it from every closed corner.


This four-year-old PHP framework is gaining popularity among the backend developers due to its excellent features. It is the fastest among all the PHP frameworks as it is developed through the programming languages C and C++ that allows developers to offer high performance optimization.

The biggest benefit of Phalcon PHP framework is you do not need to get familiar to C programming language. Developers make the best use of its features like security, caching, translator and more. Coming to its documentation part though it is quite lengthy, it is easy to use. It allows you to reduce the usage of resources which is more in the MVC based apps.


Written in PHP5, Symfony framework also uses several components and MVC. Symfony allows performing the routine web programming tasks easily. Developers consider this framework as the best for building database applications. It’s essential advantage – multiple database support including the following:

  1. MySQL database
  2. PostgreSQL database
  3. SQLite or any other PDO-compatible database

There are several PHP libraries packed with Symfony, that can be reused for tasks like form creation, template configuration and more. It is a part of a huge community followed by innumerable fans across the globe.


Installation of Code igniter uses minimal configuration from the user’s end. It can easily replace any other PHP framework without any functioning issues as it works perfectly on all other platforms.

If you have a website development requirement with extensive scope, Code igniter is the PHP framework that can simplify your tasks. You can add plug-ins when there is a need to imply any complex functionality. It is much faster in accomplishing database related tasks as compared to other framework.

Code igniter is simple and easy-to-use for development. It can easily be expandable and secure. Code igniter – one of the perfect PHP frameworks for beginners.


Yii PHP framework uses MVC. If you want to develop website application quickly, this framework is to your rescue. This PHP framework is in much demand due to its quick loading speed. It allows you to implement large-scale custom projects like CMS, ERP and other complex systems in no time.

Yii PHP framework is packed with ready-made solutions like query builder, RESTful API ActiveRecord for relational and NoSQL databases, multi–level caching support. This framework has a Gii, which is a code generator and contributes to object-oriented website solution development offering a website interface to the users where he can create the required code.

Wrapping up

You just met top 5 PHP frameworks used widely in 2020. All of these frameworks have the ability to tackle every modern requirement. Be it a huge eCommerce store, a content management system or an enterprise resource planning solution, above-mentioned 5 best PHP frameworks are something that you definitely want to give it a try. Every framework comes attached with its own set of pros and cons. Decide what you need and select from the list.

If you aren’t sure about fulfilling the development project, it is better to hire a team of dedicated PHP experts For assured PHP development services, contact us today at


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