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B2C Ecommerce Business Threats of 2020

Are you an eCommerce retailer having an online store with the huge amount of products? Do you think user experience is not as important as the quality of your products? Well, you are completely wrong at this point of time. Because, unless customer feels they are valuable while visiting your online store, they will avoid visiting again. Though bitter, but true! Wake up entrepreneurs as it is the time to know some of the threats that could affect B2C businesses, if not taken care.

Ecommerce is a customer-centric business. Thus, from just checking out the brands to placing an order, they expect the most out of the online-shopping experience. In today’s highly competitive market, boosting sales is must-do. Gone are the days when the success was measured in the number of sales. You offer excellent products and services but everything is pointless when you fail to serve your customers better. Retaining your loyal customers and expanding the opportunities is everything these days.

Let’s us try to overcome the threats and add value to your business.

The Changing Trends of 2017

This year demands something different than the usual. It is time to break the monotony and challenge all the stereotype businesses. Due to the increasing trend of online shopping among the millennials around the world, from an analysis, a vast difference in the customer behavior is noted in past few years. Thus, with this big data, more customer-friendly channels and easy-to-use technologies have developed. Fresh innovations are pushing the eCommerce business applications to fulfill the expectations of the modern customers who need excellent experience while shuffling their devices.

Even the connected spenders, who are the buyers that get involved in online shopping while surfing, are increasing dramatically nearly 20% of the total population, which may shoot up to 35% by 2025. You could avail this opportunity by stuffing some of the modern techniques to make your online business reliable and alluring for your target audience. Executing Mobile Centric Experience

Mobile commerce solution is growing at a fast pace, it has taken the desktop usage over. It is the time when entrepreneurs can create new opportunities by adapting m-Commerce solution and give exactly what the target audience is expecting. Even the payment system can be improvised by encouraging one-tap checkout for the mobile users. Special discount offers for the customers buying through their smartphones can create wonders. As the mobile-shoppers are increasing, increases the opportunities for vendors to gain ROI.

Security is again a major concern when it comes to mobile payment. If the business owner integrates reliable and efficient payment system, then your business mobile application is overwhelmingly acceptable. Good to go for reputed payment technologies like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay to keep the frauds at bay.

Online shopping statistics 2020

Unconventional Customer service

Small shoppers may spend their entire budget on buying things online. When they are contributing a majority of their saving on your products, it’s your (as business owners) turn to return with the best-in-class customer service. They often tend to buy products from the websites that listen to them and make them feel precious. With difficult return policies and unorganized shipping services, you tend to lose potential customers. Popular eCommerce giants focus on the offering the great customer service that lets their customer trust them more than any other eCommerce websites.

Customers tend to check the return policies, which has to be clear and polished. Offering an unforgettable shopping experience will not only make customers visit your online store again, but also trust your store more.

How eCommerce business owners streamline with the ever-changing business trends?

Keeping up with these trends may be challenging. The most crucial step for retailers is to study the behavior or their customers especially the connected spenders. A detailed study of shopping patterns will let you get the idea about, what leads them to buy and what factors influence their purchase decision.

Getting in touch with the professional and reliable Magento eCommerce solution providers is what you need to mark your presence in the online business community. Making up your mind in hiring a team of professionals, who are well versed with the changing technological attributes and establish a valuable customer base will affect ROI

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