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Are you a Hardcore Gamer? This 2D Racing Game will Blow You Off!

How good are you at escaping? It is a weird question but a great talent in escaping is what needed in playing this 2D car racing game free for Android. If you are an expert, this one is for you! Go get it fast.

Run away from the cops in this ever-exciting 2D race game for Android. You did a crime and the saddest part is, cops have witnessed it. What next? Hurry up and rush to escape.

It is difficult to save yourself without a collision in the traffic, but you have to else you’ll be arrested by the cops. Accelerate your car and do not get caught.

Escape from the police and drive on the city highway between the heavy vehicles like trucks and buses. Select from the tilt and touch steering types to enjoy the game your way. Run and collect points to get coins, which unlock other cars. Choose the acceleration either manual or automatic to keep a control over your race car.

You will have access to new cars that you will be able to unlock with the in game coins.

The garage consists of cars like SUVs/trucks and sports cars.

Crime Rush Features:

  • Eye-catchy visuals and game play
  • Coins to unlock cars
  • Wide range of cars
  • Attractive graphics
  • Super fast speed

Meet the Screens!

Well, nothing beats the excitement of racing and when the cops are chasing you, the excitement is doubled. Get the thrilling experience while on track. Select from the menu on the main screen and start.

Play Screen

The first ever screen allows you to select the options like play, garage, setting. This is the area where you’ll decide whether to start immediately by getting on the track or select the car you wish to ride or you wish to explore the setting area.

Play Area

You are on the track now, having the ever-thrilling experience with this 2D car racing game free.If you wish to have a break, simply pause the game and resume when you wish to start again. Keep an eye on the scoreboard to shoot it up. Get 100 extra points every time you pass by any vehicle at a closed distance with that vehicle.

Car Selection

Select from the cars and unlock the other cars by collecting the coins. Check the coins collected and keep collecting as more the number more the probability of unlocking the cars.


Are you a music lover? Then, you will love its sound track. Also, select the steering type whether to go for tilt steering for a smooth transition of your race car or tap to move. The 2D real car-racing game is for everyone fond of SPEED.

This exciting Android racing game works with Android OS version 4.1 and above.

Download It Now.

Go SAVE Yourself!

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