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A Checklist to Gear Up with your Ecommerce Store for this Holiday Season

The holiday season means the season to celebrate for eCommerce website owners. If you haven’t made your online store holiday season ready, you should start doing it immediately. Here is the checklist to follow and offer your customers the best every shopping experience. Boosting sales and profit is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Keep everything in place and see the sales graph growing smoothly.

Winter is here and so the holiday season with some of the biggest shopping days like Diwali, Cyber Mondays, Black Friday, Thanksgiving day, Free Shipping day and more. If we talk about the insights from the year 2020, which is expected to cross all the previous records, said sources.

Top eCommerce websites have already started preparing for “SALE”, which has unfolded many online opportunities for both loyal buyers and efficient eCommerce stores. This global trend has emerged a few years back and has spread like a wildfire across the globe, why wouldn’t it gain such popularity when you can buy things with just a few clicks? Who would love to roam for finding their favorite stuff when you can easily order your shopping list from the couch of your living room?

In the year 2020, holiday season i.e. October, November, and December offered around 30% more sales as compared to the rest of the year. Top eCommerce giants try out several tactics to attract customers for better service. One-day delivery, drone delivery, exchange offers and more will be seen heating up the eCommerce market very soon.

Perfect Online Store Checklist for Forthcoming Holiday Season 2021

Following this checklist will help you generate desired revenue.

Crispy Content

Content is an essential part of eCommerce. Unless the customers read about the product, they aren’t going to make up their mind in investing. Thus, list out whatever content you need to market your online store like product/brand videos, social media posting calendar, product descriptions, email templates etc. and consult the marketing expert company to help you achieve your sales goal.

Along with this coupon codes, CTAs, banners etc. are also crucial for making the eCommerce store content crispy and engaging. When everything is ready, start firing up the social media and let the customers know what you are about to offer.

Tip: Accurate information of every product allows customers to make clear decisions. Keep the product images original rather edited. The common complaint received by the majority of the customers that the received products differ from the product image they checked out prior to ordering.

Focused on UX

User experience is something that is remembered by customers. If they might have a bad experience shopping with your website, they will not return to your store and you definitely would not want that, isn’t it? Make sure, your online store is capable of holding heavy traffic of holiday season. Visitors should be able to browse across the huge range of products of the eCommerce store easily.

Do not let your visitors wait till the high-resolution images are loaded, thus it is better to compress and make the loading time quick. More than 60% website visitors do not wait for more than 7 seconds to load the website, so reducing the loading time will make your website more clickable. Consult the eCommerce store developers today and get the professional hands working to make a quick loading online store.

Tip: Hire a team of professionals to let your users shop from a website that loads quickly and gives an excellent user experience.

Store Optimization

You definitely would want to get organic traffic to your website. Optimization of an online store is a compulsion. Your website needs a proper hosting service provider in order to avoid slow loading time. If your store goes down during the festive season, you will probably lose several loyal customers and fades out the credibility of your business giving a bad impression.

Take care of the images you use in the website, make sure it is compressed and optimized to make customers search your business through an image. Also, make your online store mobile ready as more than 60% of the online buyers are expected to shop from their mobile devices. Make it quick and usable for everyone.

SEO Optimization

If your website is not listed on the first page of Google search, you are likely to miss potential customers to search and visit your website. Your online store needs to be stuffed with SEO friendly content. It is good to keep the website content in aligned with Google. Generate backlinks and get traffic to your website.

Tip: Compress every image of your online store to cut down the loading time of your online store. Hire a professional website hosting company and avoid losing any of the customers due to excessive loading time.

Smart Shipping

One of the biggest reasons of why the eCommerce giants have gained much popularity is their shipping service. They try to deliver the product as soon as possible because fast shipping is the element to capture their customers’ heart. Who would not like to receive the ordered product before time? Everyone loves that.

Try to enhance your shipping service by offering same day delivery or scheduled delivery and delight your customers with something new.

Tip: Try not to make many human errors, which will push back the product dispatch time and ultimately results in delayed product delivery.

Easy Returns

What is the customer’s wants to return a product? Can they return it easily? Does your online store have easy return policies? To our knowledge, web-stores with easy return policy are more popular than those with weak return policies. A buyer would never like to send the product to the company by his own; they expect a pick up from their location. This sort of pampering can get you loyal clientele base.

Tip: To avoid a return, use open box delivery option. Let customers get satisfied with the product they ordered before paying.

If you are done with all the above points, you are now ready to serve your customers in the best possible way. Go on!

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