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3 Trending Gaming App Categories

Games – it’s not just the word but a hobby for some and addiction for many. There are several genres of mobile games and out of which some simply stand out. Mobile gaming has started gaining popularity that it deserves as compared to its previous era. With the emerging smartphone market and latest version smartphone operating systems, you will fall in love with the graphics and user experience that mobile companies offer. You too could become a game fan if weren’t earlier.

Let us now talk about several game types available in the play store, and games under these categories are performing outstandingly.

1. Puzzle Games – Solve It

Puzzle games are still most popular gaming apps across iOS and Android. It takes 50% of all games across the play store and app store and puzzle games are developed day by day with great user experiences. Game developers focus on games which user loves to pass time with and puzzles gaming apps are the games which increase brain activity and makes it sharp. Popular games like Candy Crush and Sudoku excessively successful amongst the kids to baby-boomers.

2. Arcade Games – Get engaged with It

When it comes to most popular types of gaming apps we have to talk about Arcade games. Famous arcade games like Teen Patti and Junglee Rummy are popular amongst the youths. It’s not just played for the time pass but there are given rewards and prizes to cheer them up and keep playing. No wonder, people are so involved in these games that in some countries these games are banned due to betting issues. They must not be great in graphics, but still, they are the most popular ones in the Android/ iOS gaming apps.

3. Casual games – Stay connected

Casual games are also one of the most popular game categories enjoyed by every age group of game fans. These are the types of games that you can enjoy when you play it and you can keep it down easily when you wish. Unlike other addictive games, you don’t get addicted to it. It’s the only purpose is to entertain you for a while and not waste your productive hours. These category games are free and are more likely to have advertisements as the click-through rate is more in such type of games. There are several games that fall under this category, you can choose from the list.

Above mentioned are only the few game genres. The queue is literary huge. In today’s era, you can choose from the millions of games available for Android and iOS and thousands are uploaded every day. Thus I would like to wrap up saying, “Play till your fingers drop, cheers”!

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