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3 Simple Ways to Make Your App Marketing Extremely Profitable

Mobile apps – This is something without which a smart phone has no or less VALUE! Yes, you read it right; it’s the apps that make a smart phone valuable and highly usable. Smartphone features along with efficient apps allow great user experience, isn’t it? Now the question arises that how to let the users know about the app you developed. App marketing comes into picture now. The role of Mobile App marketer is as important as of the Mobile app developer.

Once the app developing project is completed, app marketer to introduce the app to the target audience. Choose the category of the mobile app developed accurately because it will help users to search your app through the category.

What exactly the term ‘App Marketing’?

This term clearly defines that marketing of the developed app aiming to let the world know what the app or game is about. Offering several offers by optimizing app store can make your app entry truly memorable. Social media marketing holds an important position. The mobile app marketing begins with essential elements like Mobile App Analytics, Push Analytics, Path Analysis, and User’s behavior Analysis.

It’s all about the marketing strategy you develop focusing on the target audiences, age group and highlighted app features. Considering all these crucial points will make your marketing strategy successful.

Top 3 Tactics to Follow While App Marketing

To assist you navigate the landscape of mobile app marketing, here are the 5 points that will make sense while app marketing.

  • 1. Focus on the App Experience Offered Whatever app or game you have built is for the end users. After all its only them who will use it, rate it and give good feedback (if they like). If you put your feet in their shoes, you will come to know what they like the most and expect from the apps they download. Sell them the experience rather the app features. It is important how that experience is different from what other apps experience they might have in the past.Keep it simple, as more than 80% of the consumers are likely to download the apps marketed with simple information. Go for the description that is easy to understand and simplify your users’ life with the seamless and never forgettable user experience.
  • 2. No of Downloads != Success Users have the habit of checking out the number of downloads prior to downloading the app. IT is one of the obvious things that a user does to check out the app success. Nevertheless, the number of downloads is not equal to the amount of success it has received. Downloads is the certainly a number, but it is not comparable to the user experience you infuse in the apps. There are apps having huge number of downloads, but it is possible that it will be used only once or twice by the users. So try to offer a great user experience and market your app or game with its highly usable features and a great user experience leveraged by the users. Boost your marketing campaign by focusing on the user centric features and benefits you offered through your app. Get the most from your organic traffic to boost the downloads.
  • 3. Stick to Single direction Too many personalities directing the marketing campaign will leave you with a heap of mess. Design a marketing strategy that moves in single direction rather than multiple directions. The larger the organization the more ideas you get, so the first thing you should do is appointing best marketing team that will head to make the marketing strategy successful. Let the team understand the app promotion purpose and you could achieve your goals with lesser struggles. You will have more helping hand to imply their creativity in the planning and execution of your marketing campaigns. Majority of the mobile app development companies India create marketing strategy with a goal and stick to it till the end, which results in a notable results.


Mobile app is a critical component to the marketing strategies and the success of the companies. Moving beyond the mentality of having app that is downloaded more, app with extensive user experience is highly appreciable. Develop the app that fulfills user requirements rather than an app with just eye-catchy look and feel. After all, your ultimate goal should be client satisfaction.

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